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Virtual Guitar Orchestra 3rd Edition

Relampiños - Flamenco Meets Classical

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  • Play Along Your Guitar Heroes

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  • adam-circle

    Adam Del Monte


Relampiños is a Bulerias, popular flamenco dance form, that celebrates the coming together of flamenco and classical guitar. For far too long these two genres of the Spanish guitar have been separated, so it's time for their long awaited reunion!


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Historical Moment

Friendship, music, and union to see new possibilities in a world with drastic changes. Music always presents sensitizing humanity. Thanks to all who made this beautiful project a reality.

Edwin, USA

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Project Details

Project Time

7 days*

Application Fee


Project Level

Lower Intermediate to Advanced

*Upon successful registration you will have 7 days for practicing, recording and submitting your video for VGO.

**We understand our members come from very different economic backgrounds, so we decided to keep the application free of charge. However, if you can afford it, please consider making a small donation to our GoFund Me campaign to keep this project alive. The proceeds are in no way meant to cover our work. Instead, they will be used to cover some of our increasing technology costs, such as web hosting, motion plugins, data services (Dropbox), score player etc. Thank you!

Participants Feedback About This Project

You are really amazing and have done pioneering work like never before. Thank you for all your hard work.

  • edgar-taiwan

    From Taiwan

An absolute honour to be part of this fantastic orchestra. Beaming with pride. And a very uplifting piece of music that's like a much needed tonic for the soul in these times.

  • simon-uk

    From UK

Thank you Uros, Mak, Sergio and everyone who participated or donated. I am so honored and proud to be a part of this. The globe with guitarists' homelands makes me cry... Ok I am just going to sit here and watch this all day now ... thank you from the bottom of my heart... this is the way music will save the world.

  • tarra-us

    From USA

Superb! Bravo!!! Such great quality editing, sound and playing by everyone. So happy to be a part of this beauty in such a dark time this brings light.

  • nick-us

    From USA

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