Virtual Guitar Orchestra

Second edition - Scient, Safe and Sane by Sergio Assad


Be part of something extraordinary! Join the cause and play in the video alongside your guitar heroes.


Application deadline
Wednesday, June 3, 2020
(11:59pm Pacific Daylight Time)
Submissions will be accepted until June 3 or until all spots are filled, whichever comes first.
Four easy steps

1. Download the score & click track 2. Record your selected voice  3. Upload your part to YouTube 4. Send us the link to your performance.

Read more on Apply page.

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What's New?

Merging classical and fingerstyle guitar

The second edition Virtual Guitar Orchestra is even bigger, better and bolder! An astonishing lineup of artists are taking part:

Fingerstyle guitar:

Andy Summers, Ralph Towner, Pepino D’Agostino, Romero Lubambo, Sylvain Luc, Antoine Boyer, Joe Robinson, Martin Taylor, Miroslav Tadic, Thomas Leeb

Bass: Benjamin Shepherd

Drums: Peter Erskine

Classical guitar:

Pavel Steidl, Jeremy Jouve, Pablo Villegas, Antigoni Goni, Fabio Zanon, Jason Vieaux, Adam Del Monte, Margarita Escarpa, Tilman Hoppstock, Fabio Lima, Kevin Callahan, Alexey Vianna, Irina Kulikova, Pablo Marquez, Xuefei Yang, Brian Head, Iliana Matos, David Tanenbaum, Duo Siqueira Lima, Marylise Florid

How many spots left?

Throughout the first edition Virtual Guitar Orchestra, this was the most common question we received. In the second edition, you can monitor this in real time for every voice, simply go to the homepage application form and click under "Your selected voice".


200 performers in a single video

Beside world renowned classical and fingerstyle guitarists, bassist and drummer, we will accept the first 167 online submissions. Don't miss out and record your part tonight! Please make sure to read our Guidelines page thoroughly so we can produce the best possible video.

We already have an editing template built out for a quick turnaround time in June.

First Edition Video

Kaleidokithara by Sergio Assad

If you are not ready to join the orchestra now but would still like to be notified about future releases, please fill out the form below.