New Mexico Showcase VGO

Playing Together, Apart

Listen to "Soaring" - all 4 parts - performed by composer, Jeff Jolly:


Made possible by The Augustine Foundation

1. Practice with our interactive app

Before you set off to practice and record your part, please make sure to click on the button below to sign the video release form.

Select your part (voice) below and you will be taken to the player where you can practice  your part, with or without the metronome.

IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT record using the interactive app, it is only for practice purposes.


2. Record with the click track (includes ritardandos not found in interactive app)

Recordings are due April 9, 2021!

Before recording please visit the link below with easy-to-follow tutorials for every possible scenario. Use whatever equipment you have, even just a mobile phone, but these tips will help you capture the best possible sound and image.


  • Dress-solid black, no ads/slogans on shirt, black pants, black shoes, socks; Accents like ties, bows in school colors
  • Use footstool/support; play in classical guitar 'style'
  • If recording in a bedroom, beds should be made
  • When recording please make sure to use headphones to listen to click tracks so they will not be audible on your video.
  • Please tune your guitar to A=440Hz before every single take!
  • Video should clearly show your face (no cutting the top of the head off), hands and the instrument. Use an eye level shot rather than low camera angle. Shoot video while there is plenty of natural light and don’t use window as a backlight, position yourself so that the window is in front of you or at a max. 45 degree angle. Use any background you like.

Please download the click tracks below and play back the mp3  while recording your video.


3. Upload your video

Upload your submission video using the button below. Thank you!

IMPORTANT: Please keep your submission video under 500MB if possible.

Need help?

Please contact your mentor if you have any questions. They will forward your message to us and we'll make sure to respond asap!