Rhode Island All-State VGO

Playing Together Apart


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Practice and record with our score player

To keep everyone in sync, we prepared an interactive score player that will help you achieve the best possible video submission. Select your part (voice) below and you will be taken to the player where you can practice and record your part, with or without the metronome.

IMPORTANT: When recording please make sure to use headphones to listen to MIDI/metronome so they will not be audible on your video.

Mango Walk

Three easy steps

1. Practice your part with the score player → 2. Record your video → 3. Upload your video to our Dropbox

Practice your part

Select your assigned part in the section above

Record your part

Click the buton below to read our guidelines and recommendations before recording

Upload your video

When you're ready, click on the button below and upload your videos to our Dropbox account directly. File format:

Part Name - First Name Last Name

Need help?

Please contact your mentor if you have any questions. They will forward your message to us and we'll make sure to respond asap!