All-Women VGO: Dusty Grooves by Clarice Assad

Check out the very first All-Women Virtual Guitar Orchestra – 80 girls and women from all over the world!

To empower and highlight women in classical guitar, VGO premiered a new project on Ida Presti’s birthday to honor all women guitarists from all over the world. Check out the final video performance of Clarice Assad’s “Dusty Grooves” and scroll down to learn more about how you can support the initiative.

Help us reach the goal

We want to keep the participation at Virtual Guitar Orchestra videos free of charge so anyone can take part!

If you like our mission and are in any way part of this project, please consider donating a small amount to make this project a reality. Thank you – we really appreciate it!

All funds raised from this project will be donated to organizations supporting women in music or used to support one or more participants in the project in the form of a scholarship. The more we can raise, the more we can give!

Support on GoFundMe

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