Join the Classical Guitar Virtual Showcase

Virtual Guitar Orchestra (VGO), a global guitar community initiative, was born originally out of an idea to create a new audience development tool, and ended up being a necessity to keep the guitar community alive and active during the times of the Covid 19 Pandemic. It is our hope at VGO that the mission of uniting all who love this instrument and want to play with others around the world will continue.

We are not alone in this fight! VGO is happy to partner up in making the guitar community tighter and our fingers moving with another initiative called Classical Guitar Virtual Showcase organized by Lead Guitar. They will be putting together monthly virtual showcases where anyone with a guitar and a excitement for the community will be able to ‘jam along’. Easy pieces, interviews with well known guitarists and a whole bunch of fun will surely make these events fun to guitarists and guitar lovers all around. Check them out here, the next showcase is coming up soon, April 25th at 12pm CST.

The VGO Team, as we are sure many of you, is excited in anticipation of our first big video launch! Just a few days and the world will hear the sounds of our great orchestra! This is not all! We will be announcing the new project right after the launch of the Kaleidokithara.

Stay safe and practice!

Your VGO Team.

Click here to access the live-stream of the Classical Guitar Virtual Showcase.

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