Virtual Guitar Orchestra

Latest Edition

Relampiños by Adam Del Monte

Relampiños was composed specifically for this project by internationally acclaimed composer and flamenco guitarist Adam Del Monte.

The orchestra is formed by 115 members from over 40 countries across the globe: 11 world class flamenco guitarists, 21 classical guitar virtuosos, a cajon player, dancer and 81 guitarists that have submitted their home recorded videos online.

Virtual Guitar Orchestra, a global guitar community initiative, was born originally out of an idea to create a new audience development tool, and ended up being a necessity to keep the guitar community alive and active during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Virtual Guitar Orchestra has been gaining worldwide attention, its videos and website have been viewed over 200.000 times and has been featured on many leading classical guitar publications and organizations, including Gendai Guitar Magazine, Classical Guitar Magazine (online edition), Guitar Foundation of America, Guitar Salon International, This Is Classical Guitar and dozens of guitar societies around the world.