VGO Poll 2024

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Please rank each of the proposed activities below from least to most useful for your school or organization.
Not usefulsomewhat usefulneutralusefulindispensable
VGO Standard Performance Videos in Virtual Format (see example)
VGO Connect – Bring World-Class Guitarists To Your Classroom Virtually (see description)
VGO Collaborations With Orchestras Around The World (see example)
VGO Documentary Videos – Tell Your Story! (see example)
VGO Live – Recording Ensembles In a Live Setting (see example)
VGO Heritage – Videos Showcasing American Heritage Culture (see example)
VGO Evaluation Tools – Using VGO Infrastructure to Collect and Grade Student Videos
VGO Education – Instructional Virtual Classes in the Art of Recording (for teachers and students alike)
Do you have any further ideas or suggestions for how your school can benefit from the Virtual Guitar Orchestra team? Thank you for your answer!