VGO4: Malagueña de Jotron with Los Romeros

Play with The Romero Guitar Quartet and join the celebration of their 60th Anniversary!

Applications open

Spots left: 45

Deadline: September 24 (or until all available spots are taken)

1. Choose and practice your part

Pepe Romero: Malagueña de Jotron

Click on the button below to access the single part PDFs, full score and audio guide track. Download Package

2. Record your submission with guide video

Before recording please visit the link below with easy-to-follow tutorials for every possible scenario. How-to tutorials

Video requirements

Use headphonesExpand

Wear headphones while recording so the clicks are not audible on your video.Tune your guitarExpand

Please tune your guitar to A=440Hz before every single take!Good quality audioExpand

The submission should feature clear, good quality stereo sound. Use whatever equipment you have available, but be aware of its limitations and make the most of it.

If you own a portable recorder (eg Zoom H1n) or a 2-mic home recording setup, make sure to use it. Audio editing is allowed.

Do not record sound with your smartphone from far away – submissions with significant noise issues can not be accepted.

For tutorials on several recording scenarios, please refer to our Guidelines & Recommendations page.No audio effectsExpand

Please send us the raw stereo sound with no reverb, EQ or compression added – we will add all of these once the tracks have been edited.Frame your videoExpand

Video should clearly show your face (no cropping of the top of the head), hands and the instrument.

Position yourself exactly in the center of the frame.

Use an eye level shot rather than low camera angle.

The video needs to be one shot – one take only. No moving of the camera please.Video settingsExpand

We accept any resolution upwards of 720p (720p, 1080p Full-HD, Ultra HD, 4k).

In terms of frame rate, this is completely up to you, however if you can control this setting please shoot in 29.97 fps as the final video will be edited in this frame rate.Name your video correctlyExpand

Please double-check that you titled your YouTube video correctly. Only this format is accepted:

[PART NAME] – [YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME] – Virtual Guitar Orchestra 4No windows in the backgroundExpand

Shoot video while there is plenty of natural light and don’t use window as a backlight, position yourself so that the window is in front of you or at a max. 45 degree angle. Use any background you like.Clap for syncExpand

Once you have started recording, the guide video will ask you to clap on the 4th beat. Please make sure to get it as precise as possible as this will make the synchronization process much easier for our team.Relax and enjoyExpand

Last but not least – relax and enjoy the music while playing. Imagine you are playing for your friends. We would love to see as many smiling faces as possible to create an awesome virtual orchestra video!

Guide video

3. Upload your video to YouTube

Upload your submission on your account. You can decide to make the video public or unlisted.

Name your video in this format:  PART NAME – YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME – Virtual Guitar Orchestra 4

Once your video is up on YouTube, please fill-in the form below so we can include your submission in the VGO4 video.


Below you can read some of the most common answers to questions we’ve received so far, for detailed instructions and tutorial videos, however, please head over to our guidelines and recommendations page.How many people are taking part?Expand

We are accepting the first 100 online submissions. Even if all the spots have been filled, please get in touch with us via email and we will place your video on the waiting list.

Once the first 100 submissions are in, we will review every single video to check if they adhere to our guidelines. At this point we will let you know if we have any extra openings.

We also have the entire Romero family taking part as well as a roster of around 60 invited artists.What is the submission deadline?Expand

We’re accepting applications until September 17th or until all the available spots are taken, whichever comes first.

What intonation should I use?Expand

We all tune our guitars to 440 Hz (A).What resolution and frame rate do I need to shoot in?Expand

We accept any resolution upwards of 720p (720p, 1080p Full-HD, Ultra HD, 4k).

In terms of frame rate, this is completely up to you, however if you can control this setting please shoot in 29.97 fps as the final video will be edited in this frame rate.Can I edit my performance?Expand

Yes, editing your audio is allowed, however the video needs to be a single take. You may even record audio first and video later while listening back to your edited audio performance.

Just remember to wear headphones while recording audio so the click track is not audible in your final submission.Do I need to sync audio from the audio portable recorder and video from my smartphone?Expand

Yes. Your submission will be a single YouTube upload, so unless you are using a TRS-TRRS cable to record audio and video simultaneously on your smartphone, please sync the audio and video before exporting. In most video editing applications this is a one-click automated process. Just remember to turn off the scratch audio track from your camera/smartphone.

We have a few tutorials on how to do this on a smartphone, please head over to our guidelines and recommendations page.What is a click track?Expand

In simple terms, click track is an audio recording with tempo clicks, timed to the exact piece length plus two count-in bars at the beginning. You will be listening to the click track on headphones while recording so we can all stay in sync.Please can you make recommendations for the video angle, lighting etc.?Expand

Sure! If possible please submit a video that clearly shows your face and the instrument (no cutting off the top of your head), especially the fretboard, shot from the front or from a slight angle. Eye level shots work much better than low camera angle.

We recommend recording video while there is plenty of natural light to avoid noise in the image. The important thing is not to have window light directly behind you, you will achieve much better results with the window directly in front of you or at a max. 45 degree angle, lighting the side of your face.

Use anything you like for your background, this piece is full of character so you can go crazy!

Have more questions? Join our Facebook community or get in touch via email and we’ll make sure to answer you!

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