California VGO

VGO MEA 2021/22

Submission Deadline: April 30

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Made possible by The Augustine Foundation

1. Practice your assigned part

Mark Houghton: Acoustic Counterpoint

Print out the assigned score and start practing your part with the guide track.

2. Record your submission

Before recording please visit the link below with easy-to-follow tutorials for every possible scenario. Use whatever equipment you have, even just a mobile phone, but these tips will help you capture the best possible sound and image.

How-to tutorials


  • Please make sure to use headphones to listen to the guide video  so the MIDI will not be audible on your video.
  • Please tune your guitar to A=440Hz before every single take!
  • Video should clearly show your face (no cutting the top of the head off), hands and the instrument. Use an eye level shot rather than low camera angle. Shoot video while there is plenty of natural light and don’t use window as a backlight, position yourself so that the window is in front of you or at a max. 45 degree angle. Use any background you like.
  • Relax and enjoy the music while playing. Try to imagine you are playing in a concert hall with all of your friends present. We would love to see as many smiling faces as possible to create an awesome virtual orchestra video!

Use the same above guide video to record your part.

3. Upload your video

Upload your submission video using the button below. Thank you!

IMPORTANT: Please keep your submission video under 500MB if possible.


Need help?

Please contact your mentor if you have any questions. They will forward your message to us and we’ll make sure to respond asap!