Special Edition #Beethoven250

9 Symphonies For 9 Guitars

by Leon Firšt

9 Symphonies For 9 Guitars was composed for VGO by Leon Firšt, amazing young composer from Slovenia. The work is using motifs from the great 9 Symphonies by Ludwig van Beethoven.

Virtual Guitar Orchestra has been gaining worldwide attention, its videos and website have been viewed over 150.000 times and has been featured on many leading classical guitar publications and organizations, including Gendai Guitar Magazine, Classical Guitar Magazine (online edition), Guitar Foundation of America, Guitar Salon International, This Is Classical Guitar and dozens of guitar societies around the world. The project was also presented on the Paraguayan TV station Unicanal.

Score and Music Available Now

Leon’s score as well as the audio recording are available for purchase now and you only need one licence per ensemble. By purchasing you are directly supporting the composer and the VGO Team’s mission.

Get score and music:
Notation+Music (PDF+mp3 Download – Full Score and Individual Voices): 29,99€
Music (mp3 Download) 1,99€

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Ensemble Members: Mak Grgic, Kevin Loh, Uros Baric, William Johnston, Jure Cerkovnik, An Tran, David Steinhardt, Janoš Jurinčič, Nejc Kuhar.

Audio/Video Production: Uros Baric

Idea/initiative: Mak Grgic