VGO/MEA 2022/23

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What We Are Planning

5 US Regional Projects


WEST: Nevada, California, Washington State, Hawaii

MIDWEST: Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio, Missouri, Wisconsin

SOUTHWEST: Texas, Arizona, New Mexico

NORTHEAST: Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey

SOUTHEAST: Kentucky, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia

1 Epic Worldwide Project


Collaboration between guitar students from North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia (up to 500 participants). This is set out to be the largest collaboration classical guitar has ever seen.

State Guitar Ensembles


We will be offering our services to those All-State Guitar Ensembles that would like to keep the same model for education or audition purposes. Confirmed state: Kentucky.

Adaptive VGO With


Working with organizations who specialize in alternative forms of musical literacy, breaking down barriers in making music and instrument playing for people with cognitive disabilities. Helping create a community where learning is joyful for all people involved.

VGO Live


As a reward for last season’s best performing ensemble, we would like to offer a full LIVE recording production to one of the communities.

VR Research


VGO is committed to being on the forefront of technology in music making. As we plan our future projects in the space of virtual reality, we are excited to initiate collaborations with VR companies that are spearheading the development in this sector.

Our Focus

Pristine Audio Quality


We strive for perfection when it comes to audio. This is why we spend upwards of 150 hours editing every single submitted track in each project. We also use automatization of volume to bring musical ideas forward and advanced mixing techniques such as macro and micro tuning, noise manipulation, multi-band compression etc. We finish each mix with a high-end reverb.

Visually Striking Transitions


We are always creating new custom animated grids, transitions and sequences so the viewers stay focused throughout the videos.

Story Driven Videos


In 2022/23, our mission will be to present the stories behind the pieces.

Educational Value


Throughout the season, we are organizing project-specific Zoom meetings with educators and students, advising them how to go about recording their submissions. Recording is a craft that takes time to master, but we want to give all participants a head start.

We also created fun, animated checklists as well as short video tutorials for the students. Check an example here.

What’s New

Handing Creative Control to Students


Students will also submit a highly personal video featuring one of their hobbies, singing, talking to camera, dancing, drawing, whatever best represents them. Some of these clips will then be featured in the final video.

Custom Practicing Application


Beside the Guide Video we create for recording purposes, the students will also be able to practice single parts using a new application.

Commissioning New Arrangements


We will be creating and commissioning all new arrangements of popular film music scores and trending music pieces.

Never Before Seen Animated Screens


We are crafting all-new animated video frames including walls of triangles and hexagons.

Largest Guitar Collab Worldwide


For the first time ever, we are planning the first ever worldwide collaboration of guitar orchestras in the largest scale video classical guitar has ever seen.

Cinematic TV Style Intros


As an extra to make VGO/Augustine projects stand out even more, each regional video will feature distinctive TV-style intros.