Application Deadline: May 1

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1. Practice Your Part

2. Set Up Everything For Recording

Audio Matters


The submission should feature cleargood quality stereo sound. Use whatever equipment you have available, but be aware of its limitations and make the most of it.

If you own a portable recorder (eg Zoom H1n) or a 2-mic home recording setup, use it. Audio editing is allowed.

Do not record sound with your smartphone from far away – submissions with significant noise issues can not be accepted.

For tutorials on several recording scenarios, please refer to our Guidelines & Recommendations page.

Tune Your Guitar


Please tune your guitar to A=440Hz before every single take!

Landscape Mode


Make sure your smartphone is placed horizontally when recording video.

Frame the Video


Video should clearly show your face (no cropping of the top of the head), hands and the instrument.

Position yourself exactly in the center of the frame.

Use an eye level shot rather than low camera angle.

The video needs to be one shot – one take only. No moving of the camera please.

Use Headphones


Wear headphones while recording so the clicks are not audible on your video.

Light Your Video Right


Shoot video while there is plenty of natural light and don’t use window as a backlight, position yourself so that the window is in front of you or at a max. 45 degree angle.

Have a Camera? Use it!


Do you have a mirrorless or DSLR camera at home? Use it! Set it to Full HD resolution (1920×1080), 29.97 or 30 frames per second and the shutter speed of 1/60 second.

Relax and Smile


Try to relax and enjoy the music while playing. Imagine you are playing for your friends. We would love to see as many smiling faces as possible to create an awesome virtual orchestra video!

3. Record Your Main Video With This Guide

4. Make a Second Video in Any Style

Get Creative and Get Featured

What makes you you? Record a short creative video that best represents you. Your friends and family can join in, too.

Here are a few suggestions:

Video of you drawing
Talking to the camera: What do guitar and music mean to you?
Present any hobby, things you like doing

5. Application

a) Upload Your Video(s)

Click on the icon below, upload the video and return back to this page.

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to clap when instructed in the guide video.

IMPORTANT: Make sure your name and guitar part are in the file name.

IMPORTANT: Keep your video files under 500MB.

b) Enter Your Details