VGO24 Connect

Bringing the best of Classical Guitar into classrooms across the US

Talking to educators from across the country, we noticed there is a need for the students to engage with their heroes. Over the years of working with guitarists worldwide, we have garnered connections and trust from many renowned classical guitarists, and we want to help connect the dots.

Helping set up the logistics from scheduling to tech support for mostly virtual visits, we want to help students have an exciting year of learning, and exit thinking of the bigger picture and how they too can inspire generations to come.

Let’s face it, there are many wonderful guitarists everywhere that don’t have the time to fly from school to school but do have the desire to participate in community engagement. VGO is bridging this gap.

This initial collaboration includes 15 guitar programs in schools across the US.

You choose the date.

We connect.

We organize.

We host.

Attend and get inspired!

Participating in the 2024 Edition

San Francisco Conservatory of Music
Arts High School, Newark
Suzuki Music School Westport
Park View High School
Northland Prep
Dreher High School
Eastern Kentucky University
Americas High School
Academic Magnet High School
Ben Lippen School
Internal Creations
Classen Guitar
Southwest High School
3 Strings
Green Valley High School